Fallout 76 Patch 11 Brings Old And New Bugs And Problems

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was released on November 2018 and comes with tons of bugs and glitches which made the game unplayable. since then Bethesda has been releasing patches after patches which were meant to fix the bugs.

Some of the bugs and glitches were fixed over eight months and the players base was slowing returning and enjoy the game. but then Bethesda released Patch 11 which was supposed to fix some major bugs like changes in Nuclear Winter, the new description for legendary items, improvement in Power Armor and more.

But instead of fixing the problems it made it worse. it has brought the old bugs and more which has frustrated the player base who have supported the community and had high hopes.

According to Fallout 76 Reddit Forum, the current patch which was supposed to improve Legendary items drop has made it disappear completely. so if you kill any legendary beast now there is a high chance that you may not get any item.

Some people have also reported that there have been several crashes in the middle of any quest they play which has caused them to lose their power armor from their inventory.

Due to the continuous bugs and problems, the fallout community from Reddit has repeatedly asked for a Public Test Server which allow them to test a patch with real players before it makes it way to the main game but there has not made any comment about it.

After the blunder from Patch 11 Bethesda has released a new blog post where the dev team said that they are currently working on the bugs and they will soon fix it.

We’re actively investigating reports from some players who stated that they’re missing Power Armor pieces following Patch 11, as well as issues like some events and daily quests that aren’t completing correctly, stability issues, and more. While we don’t have updates to share on these issues just yet, we are actively investigating everything you’ve been reporting to us and we are looking to address as many of these bugs as we can with future updates.

Please continue sharing your bug reports and feedback with us. We take them seriously and are always looking to address issues wherever we can to help you have the best experiences possible during your play sessions.

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