Dragon Quest Builders 2 – How To Get Stackable Dracky Totem

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be the new game from Publisher Square Enix and Developer Omega Force for Nintendo Switch and PS4. it will be an action RPG game where players play as a Mysterious Builder.

The new sequel to the 2016 DQ Builder comes plenty of new features like the ability to fly, travel underwater and the best of all the function to allow up to four-player co-op online gameplay.

How To Get Stackable Dracky Totem In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Throughout the game, you will be able to build many different structures for the Townspeople which will help you gain Gratitude. some of them give a small amount of Gratitude and some give more.

One of the items which will boost the amount of Gratitude you get is the Totem which consists of three pieces named Stackable Dracky, Drackyma, And Drackolyte. to build this totem you will find these pieces so below you will find a guide on how to get it.

To get the Totem pieces you will need to go to the south side of the Bog. once here climb to one of the highest places and from here look for cave like structures. you just need to enter them defeat the enemies and get the pieces.

There are three such caves with the three pieces known as Dracky, Drackyma, and Drackolyte.

Once you get pieces you will be able to stack them together to build the totem which will increase the Gratitude you get from the Townspeople and other characters.

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