Dragon Quest Builders 2 – How To Use And Play In Multiplayer Mode

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon quest Builders 2 has been finally released on Nintendo Switch and PS4. it is the sequel to the 2016 Dragon Quest Builders where players play as mysterious Builders.

The game is set in an unknown world in which Hargon has brought a new force known as Children of Hargon who force people to stop building, cooking, and worshipping Goddess.

How To Unlock And Play Multiplayer Mode In Dragon Quest Builders 2

The game comes with its own online multiplayer options but accessing it can be difficult as it is not present in the plain sight which makes it very confusing.

So to unlock the online multiplayer option you will need to progress through the story until you complete chapter 1. once you do that you will need to return to the Isle of Awakening and you will find a blue portal. if it is not available then you can simply play 2-3 building board challenges and this should make the blue portal accessible.

You can find this Blue portal in the lower left corner of Isle Of Awakening’s Map. to use the portal just interact with it and you will get various multiplayer options.

These options will let you host a multiplayer game where you will be able to invite 1-3 online players into your game.

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