Dragon Quest Builders 2 – How To Get Gratitude Quickly And Easily

Dragon Quest Builder 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be the latest game from Publisher Square Enix and Developer Omega Force and Square Enix. it will be the sequel to the original Dragon Quest Builders and comes with better graphics, gameplay and much more.

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock various different recipes which will allow you to craft new items and expand the town, farm, and create a new civilization.

But to craft new items you will need Gratitude which can take quite some time to collect. so below you will find a guide, on how to get gratitude easily and quickly.

There are two ways you can utilize to earn the Gratitude of Townspeople and other characters in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Gather And Cook Food

You will need food to keep the NPCs going and to get food first you will need some ingredients. to get ingredients you will need to either grow them by planting seeds or by hunting down monsters which drops ingredients.

After you get the base ingredients you will need to cook it on the fire. then you can store the food in a chest or give it to NPCs. just note that you should keep the food in a chest where the NPCs can get it easily.

If the food chest is accessible you will not need to keep visiting each NPCs, they will just take the food from the chest, eat it, and yield gratitude.

Complete All Structures And Building Request

At the early stage of the game, you will get several requests from the NPC in the game which will range from building new houses, bedrooms, farms, toilets, and more.

The structures which are larger and require more resources will give more Gratitude from the NPCs. so make sure that you constantly keep interacting with different NPCs. to complete their request and keep upgrading the town for more Gratitude.

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