Minecraft Earth – Release Date, Closed Beta Sign Up And More

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth will be the latest augmented reality sandbox mobile game developed from Developer and Publisher Mojang. just like the most mobile game this game too will be free to play and will be available on Android and IOS.

The augmented reality world will be almost similar to Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizard Unites. the gameplay will be similar to the original Minecraft game where you will need to explore the world, gather resources, and build new structures.

Players will be able to interact and collaborate with other online players and build structures to complete adventures where you will find various objectives and mission.

You can check out how it works in the video below

When Will Minecraft Earth Release?

Although there has been no official announcement yet on when the game is going to be released. but according to the previous statement, the Beta version of the game will be releasing in Summer of 2019 but it will be available only in limited region and countries.

How To Sign Up For Minecraft Closed Beta

To sign up for the closed beta you will need to get a Microsoft or Xbox Live account. if you do not have one then you can sign up for the Microsoft account here.

Once you have the Microsoft account you will need to sign up at the Minecraft Earth Official Website. here you will need to enter various different information like Microsoft account detail, Google ID/Apple ID, name, and more.

Once you have submitted all the information you will receive the confirmation email.

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