Dr Mario World – How To Unlock Versus Mode Gameplay

Dr Mario World

Dr Mario World has been finally released on IOS and Android platform worldwide as a free to play game. it has been created by Publisher Nintendo and Developer Nintendo, Line, NHN Entertainment and Publisher Nintendo.

Just like the previous Dr. Mario game it too will be a puzzle game where you need to arrange different color capsules to eliminate different viruses. you will be able to play as a various different doctor and different power across various levels.

How To Unlock and Play Versus Mode

To unlock versus mode you will first need to reach and clear stage 20 which means you will need to spend a fair amount of time clearly some confusing stages.

Once you complete stage 20 you will unlock versus mode. you will find the versus mode icon at the bottom of the screen. click it and you will find Dr. Toad who will explain a demo versus battle.

The versus gameplay has all the mechanics of the solo gameplay plus few more changes which will affect the pace and the way you play a solo game.

The big screen on the left will be your screen and stage and on the top right side of the screen, you will find your opponents screen. here you will be able to see their progression which will let you plan your attack.

To deal deadly damage you can charge your gauge which will let you send virus rows on your opponent stages. the higher gauge the more deadly will be the attack.

Just note that different doctor has different attack power further the rate at which the gauge fills up is also different for different doctors. so make sure to familiarize yourself with all the doctors.

That’s all you should know about the versus battle, at first it will be confusing and even frustrating but with few games, you will get a hang of it.

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