Dota Underlords – Basic Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords will be the latest game from Publisher and Developer Valve. it a free to play turn-based strategy game which takes heavy inspiration from the Dota mod – Auto Chess.

Just like Auto Chess, you will be to recruit different heroes, upgrade them into powerful version, make proper alliances to unlock bonuses, and battle against online players in the ranked, tournament and other game modes.

Basic Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Dota Underlords

To master the game you will need to learn about various aspects and mechanics of the game. so in this guide, you will find about the basics tips and tricks.

Upgrade Units – to upgrade a unit you will need to 3 same units of the same level to upgrade to the next tier. the 2-star units have double the stats of 1-star units while 3-star units have 4 times the stats of 1-star units.

More Gold results in More Interest – if you have 10 gold with, you will receive 1 gold interest at the end of the round. the interest can go up to 5 Gold per round.

Level Is Important – at the end of each round you will gain 1 XP, you can convert 5 Gold into 4 XP by simply pressing T. the level you have determine the number of units you can have on the board, units present in the shop, and the items you get from the loots.

Alliances – each alliance on the board has different effects based on the units you have deployed. you can check the effects by hovering over any alliance or by going through the season info panel.

Summons – once the units are summoned they will stay on the board until there are defeated. these units work well with refresher orb which can let you keep summoning more units.

Units Details

Each unit has different attributes like health, skill, rarity, mana, attack speed, attack range, magic resistance, armor, and more.

  • Health – this is a number displayed in the portrait and signifies the amount of health.
  • Skills – each unit in the game with its own skills which can deal damage, stun, silence, summon new units and more. you can learn about a skill by clicking on the heroes.
  • Rarity – this number signifies the strength of the unit. the higher the number the more strong is the unit.
  • Mana – the amount needed to cast a skill
  • Attack speed – the number which determines the speed of the attack.
  • Attack range – the number which determines the range of the attack.
  • Magic resistance – the number which determines the resistance against magic.
  • Armor – the number which determines the resistance against physical attack.

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