Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How Does Wizardry Challenges Work

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be the latest game Augmented Reality game from Publisher Niantic and Developer Warner Brothers Game Studios and Niantic.

Players in the game will enter an augmented wizardry world where you will be able to unlock new spells, potions, fight mysterious beasts, discover artifacts and more.

What is Wizarding Challenges

The wizarding challenges send players to Fortress in which you will find rooms called Tower Chambers. your objective in the Tower chambers is to fight through different rooms. the more room you climb the more difficult the enemies will get, but the rewards from the challenges will also increase.

How Runestones Effect Wizarding Challenges

To enter the Tower Chambers in Fortresses you will need to use Runestone. after you put a runestone a lobby will open where you will find the Difficulty number.

The level of runestone you put in the wizarding challenge will determine the difficulty of the enemies in the tower chambers. also, the family of the runestone affects the reward you get. the higher the difficulty the harder will it be to progress but better will be rewards.

How To Progress Through Wizarding Challenges

To progress through the challenge make sure that you have a high number of Spell Energy and potions to survive different rooms.

To make your progression through the Tower Chambers easier you can invite your friends or you join up with other players to become more strong. the higher the number of players in a challenge the higher will be the chance of complete rooms and the better will be the rewards.

Another mechanics you need to master in the challenges is to get proper Professions. some professions summons are better against some enemies. so make sure that you have a team with different professions.

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