Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How To Get Spell Energy

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has been finally released for all players around the world. it has been developed by Warner Brothers Games San Francisco and Niantic and Published by Niantic.

The game takes heavy inspiration from massively popular AR Games Pokemon Go and Ingress. it brings real-world locations where you can cast spells, meet iconic characters, fight beasts, and do more.

How To Get Spell Energy In Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Throughout the Wizard world, you will need to catch Foundable by casting Spell Energy on them. these Founables comes in different variety and can be hard to collect, meaning you will need to spend a lot of Spell Energy.

So below you will find a guide, on how to get Spell Energy.

Getting Spell Energy

There are two ways you can utilize to get energy in Harry Potter. you can learn more about them below.

Inns – you can head to the inns present around you. they are mostly present near the landmarks so make sure to visit them.

Once you find an inn interact with it and you will receive food which will give you the Spell Energy. the amount of energy received can vary from inn to inn ranging from 1 to 10. the Spell Energy can be obtained every minute from an inn.

So the more inns you visit the more you will get free Spell Energy.

Buying Spell Energy – the second method which you can use to get Spell Energy is by using Gold Coins earned in game or with real money to buy them.

Just go to the store present in the game called Diagon Alley. here you will need to select Wiseacres shown as a crystal ball. in the new window, you will be able to buy Spell Energy.

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