Dauntless – How To Get High Level Cells And Speed Up Cell Fusion


Dauntless will be a new action role-playing game where players enter a world filled with monstrous beasts known as Behemoths who are a threat to the human race and now you as a slayer will need to protect it.

You will need to use various weapons, armors, and other items. one of the items you will use in the game is the cells which can be placed in the sockets of different items to make them powerful.

So below you will find a guide, on how to get Higher level Cells, how cell fusion works, and how to speed up the cell fusion process.

How To Get High-Level Cells In Dauntless

To make stronger cell you will need to use Cell fusion, this feature can be found by interacting with The Middleman, the guy who wears a helmet and is present on the side of the main area of Ramsgate.

After interacting with the Middleman you will need to select the Fuse Cells option. here you will find two slots. the first cell is the one you upgrade and the second cell is the one you use to complete the fusion.

How Does The Cell Fusion Work
  • If you combine two cells of the same rarity and perk you will get a higher rarity cell with the same perk.
  • If you combine two cells of different perks but the same rarity you will get a random cell with higher rarity.
  • Fusing two green cells (uncommon) into a blue cell (rare) will take 24 hours.
  • Fusing two blue cells (rare) into a purple cell (epic) will take 48 hours.
  • Fusing Epic cell to a higher level will take 72 hours.
How To Speed Up Cell Fusion

To speed up the cell fusion time you will need to use Ace Chips which can be earned by leveling up your Hunt Pass or by spending some real money in the store.

The Ace chips can be bought using platinum which costs as follow.

  • 50 Ace Chips – 300 Platinum ($5)
  • 200 Ace Chips – 1100 Platinum ($14)
  • 1000 Ace Chips – 5,100 Platinum ($50)

One Ace Chip can reduce the waiting time by one hour. the problem is that to complete the transaction you will have to pay the whole wait in one go.

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