Dauntless – Where And How To Get Scorch Scales


Dauntless takes players into a world which has been destroyed by a cataclysmic event which has been torn apart with monstrous dinosaurs like creature called Behemoths. now you will need to difficult all these monsters and save humanity

The Scorch Scale is one of the many resources present in the game which can be used to craft new weapons, new armors, and other items. so below you will find how to get this resource easily.

How To Get Scorch Scales In Dauntless

To get the scorch scale you will need to defeat and slay the Scorchstone Hellion but as this item is a rare drop you might need to kill several of this Behemoths before you get one.

Where To Find Scorch Scale

As the Scorch Scale are obtained from Scorchstone Hellion and you can find this behemoth in the Shattered Isles, in Maelstrom which is a dangerous chaotic place.

You can also find them by playing the pursuits missions which you can unlock by completing the Shared Sacrifice Quest.

How To Defeat Scorchstone Hellion

To defeat this behemoth you will need to first know about its strength and weakness. the Scorchstone Hellion is one of the Blaze element so using blaze element against it is useless.

The best way to fight against this behemoth is by equipping an armor which is resistance against Blaze and using a weapon which has frost element.

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