Dauntless – Where And How To Get Furious Rage Scale


Dauntless will be a new game from Publisher Epic Games and Developer Phoenix Labs. it brings plenty of different monsters known as Behemoths which can be hunted down to get new resources and craft new items.

The Furious rage scale is one of the many resources present in the game which can be obtained by hunting down a certain Behemoth. below you will find a guide, on how to get this resource easily.

How To Get Furious Rage Scale In Dauntless

To get the Furious rage scale you will need to defeat the Ragetail Gnasher but as this a rare drop you might need to defeat several of these monsters before you get the Furious rage scale.

Where To Find Furious Rage Scale

To find the Ragetail Gnasher you will need to keep completing missions until you find one. it is recommended that you complete quests from Katerin Sorrel which should eventually give you these missions.

You can also find the Ragetail Gnasher in the Shattered Isles, in the maelstrom which is a chaotic storm and is the most dangerous place in the world.

How To Defeat Ragetail Gnasher

To defeat this Behemoth you will need to get weapons which can stagger easily like Hammer. if you are playing in the party ask the teammates to keep interrupting the Behemoth.

This will allow you to easily deal with the Behemoth as Ragetail does not have any particular elemental strength or weakness.

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