Dauntless – Where And How To Get Deadeye Spine Hide


Dauntless will be a new game developed by industry veterans from Bioware, Riot Game, and other popular studios. the story drops players into a world destroyed by a mysterious event which has brought monstrous creatures called Behemoths.

To fight the Behemoths you will need to get new more powerful weapons and armor. to craft new items you will need to get new resources

One of the resources in the game is called Deadeye Spine Hide which is a rare drop. so below you will find a guide, on how to get this resource easily.

How To Get Deadeye Spine Hide In Dauntless

To get the Deadeye Spine Hide you will need to defeat and slay the Deadeye Quillshot but as the item is a rare drop you might need to slay many of these behemoths before you get your hands one of them.

Where To Get Deadeye Spine Hide

This item can only be obtained by killing Deadeye Quillshot and you can only find this monstrous creature in the Shattered Isles, in Maelstrom during Heroic Hunt. so all you need to do is keep playing until you get the Heroic Hunt with the Deadeye Quillshot as the target.

How To Defeat Deadeye Quillshot

This behemoth is a neutral behemoth and does not have an elemental strength or weakness. so you can just any strong weapon you have.

But it is recommended that you have a weapon which can stagger and if you are playing in party ask them to have at least one Warpike user, with the Warpike player you will be easily able to interrupt the creature.

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