Dauntless – Where And How To Get Adamantine Scales


Dauntless will be a new action RPG free to play game where players find themselves in a cataclysmic event which has brought monstrous creatures into the human world

Throughout the game progression, you will find plenty of new resources which will help you craft new weapons, armors, and items to defeat the Behemoths. the Adamantine Scales are one of the resources you will find in the game. so below you will find a guide, on how to get this resources easily.

How To Get Admantine Scales In Dauntless

To get the Adamantine Scales you will need to defeat the Rockfall Skarn but as this is a rare drop you might need to defeat several of these Behemoths

Where To Find Admantine Scales

As mentioned above Admantine Scales can be only be obtained from Rockfall Skarn and this behemoth can be found in Shattered Isles, In Maelstrom which is a dangerous chaotic stormy place.

How To Defeat Rockfall Skarn

The Rockfall Skarn is of Terra element which means the terra element won’t deal any damage to it.

The best way to deal is to get the terra resistance armor and a weapon with shock element which its weakness.

Now in combat the Skarn can start spinning which can pull the players towards them. the spinning also summons spikes from the ground which can deal heavy damage.

So when the beast starts spinning, create a distance and through the concussive grenade on its rock armor this will knock it out for a brief moment.

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