Layers Of Fear 2 – How To Get Unlock Perfect Storm Trophy

Layers Of Fear 2

Layers Of Fear 2 will be the sequel to the original Layers Of Fear which first came out in the year 2016. it will be a first-person psychological horror game where players need to explore a mysterious ocean liner.

The latest iteration of the game has been created by Publisher Gun Media and Developer Bloober Team. you will need to solve puzzles, find items, and other stuff to progress through the story.

How To Get Unlock Perfect Storm Trophy In Layers Of Fear 2

Just like all the games, in this game too you will be able to complete various different tasks to unlock achievement/trophies. so in this guide, you will find how to unlock all the Perfect Storm achievement/trophy.

To get the Perfect Storm trophy you will need to input S.0.S Signal during your playthrough.

Throughout the story progression from Chapter 1 to 5. you will get two chance to input the S.0.S signal. the first chance you get will be in Chapter 1 and the second chance will be in Chapter 5.

Chapter 1

Progress through the beginning of Chapter 1 until you reach the wireless room with the morse code machine.

If you tap the device it will make a sound. there are two types of sounds short taps and long taps. the morse code itself is a series of dots and line. so the short taps will be dot and the long taps will be lines.

Morse code for S.0.S: … — …

For dots, you will need to quickly tap 3 times and for lines, you will need to long tap 3 times. you will need to repeat the Morse code until you get the Perfect Storm achievement/trophy.

Chapter 5

You can do the same Morse code in Chapter 5. just progress until you find the wireless machine and enter the dots and line.

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