Dauntless – How To Farm Dull, Shining, And Peerless Arcstones


Dauntless will be a new multiplayer free to play RPG game developed by Phoenix Labs and publisher Epic Games. you be will be able to unlock and use various types of weapons to defeat different types of Behemoths.

But there are many levels of Behemoths some are easy and some are extremely hard. to fight and defeat them you will need to upgrade your weapon and make them more powerful and to do that you will need Arcstones.

So below you will find a guide on how to get Dull Arcstones, Shining Arcstones, and Peerless Arcstones.

How To Farm Dull Arcstones

To get the Dull Arcstones you will need to hunt Behemoths rated threat level 8-12 or by completing dire patrols which are found in patrols section.

if you are having problem with defeating these monsters then you can follow the Behemoths Weakness guide. once you have gained 90 Dull Arcstones you will be able to upgrade the weapon and gain +5.

How To Farm Shining Arcstones

To get the Shining Arcstones you will need to hunt down Behemoths rated threat level 13-16 or by completing heroic patrols. you can unlock Heroic patrols after completing all the Dire Behemoths in Pursuits.

Once you have collected 120 shining arcstones you will be able to upgrade the weapon.

How To Farm Peerless Arcstones

To get the Peerless Arcstones you will need to hunt down Behemoths rated threat level 17+ patrols which are the hardest missions in the game.

To fully upgrade the weapon and reach the +15 effectiveness. you will need to get 150 Peerless Arcstones.

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