Total War Three Kingdoms – Guide On All Types Of Battles

Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms will be the new iteration in the Total War series. the new installment recreates the epic conflict across ancient China and brings real-time battles with turn-based campaign progression.

The will let you choose your own character who are warlords and leaders. you will need to create economy, raise army, form alliances, and defeat enemies.

Guide On All Types Of Battles In Total War Three Kingdoms

The main progression in the game will happen only with the help of war and conquests which means you will need to know about different types of battles in the game.

So below you will find a guide, which will explain different types of battles taking place in the game which will help you decide how to fight.

All Types Of Battles

This type of battle happens when an army is standing in an Ambush stance and attacks an enemy. a well-planned ambush will force an enemy army into a defensive position and also disrupt their formation.

On the other hand, the party which is ambushing will be easily able to deal with quick and deadly attacks. the only way to win in an ambush is to either defeat the attacking enemy or retreat successfully through marked extraction point.

Town And Resources Battles

These battles take place in a town or areas which have resources like farms, mines, and more. the army inside the town or resources areas will be able to deploy defensive structure like barricades and the garrison troops. so the defending party will have an advantage.


This battle happens when an army in Encampment stance is attacked from an enemy army. the defending army will be within an encampment and the attacking army will need to fight through the limited entry points.

Siege Battles

These battles happen when the attacking army attacks a walled settlement or city. the attacking party will need to have a large army and siege equipment to besiege the city.

The defending army will be able to deploy defensive structures such as barricade, arrow towers, artillery and will also have access to the city’s garrison troops.

Land Battles

These types of battles take places outside of cities in a wide open space of land. these battles allow both parties to take any action they want.

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