Dauntless – How To Unlock All Weapon Specials Skills And Abilities


Dauntless will be the latest free to play game from Publisher Epic Games and Developer Phoenix Labs. it sends players into a fantasy world which has been destroyed by an unknown event and has brought monstrous creatures which are destroying humankind.

Throughout the game, you will be able to craft new weapons, armors, and other gears to fight Behemoths. another thing you will use is the Weapon Special abilities. so below you will find a guide, on how to unlock more Weapon Special Skills.

How To Unlock All Weapon Specials Skills And Abilities

To unlock Special weapon skills you will need to reach Mastery level 8 with the weapon type you want to use. for example, if you want to use Axe special skill then you will need to reach level 8 mastery with Axe.

To reach level Mastery 8 on a weapon type you will need to complete various different tasks. to find the tasks present for leveling mastery you will need to check the tasks progression by opening the menu and looking at mastery category.

How To Equip Weapon Specials Skills

To equip the skill you will need to open your inventory loadout screen. then you will need to select the weapon which you want to use. doing this will reveal modification slot, so just select the first slot and a new window will appear which has the list of all the skills. select the skill you want and it will be equipped on your weapon.

List Of Weapon Special Skills

Currently, there are two weapon special skills. the first one is unlocked at the beginning and the second skill is unlocked after reaching Mastery level 8 in Dauntless.

Axe Specials

Flight of Ruin – throws the axe and does damage to everyone on its way. using it again will return the axe and do attack which generates resolve.

Grim Onslaught – throws the axe and does damage to everyone. if it hits Behemoth it will automatically return and generate resolve.

Chain Blades Specials

Reapers Dance – if you are close to a Behemoth you will push away and do damage. if you are far you will pull and do damage.

Cruel Riftstrike – allows you to teleport in the forward direction and dealing damage to enemies in the path.

Hammer Specials

Concussive Salvo – lets player load ammo and shoot which deals damage and interrupt Behemoths.

Mighty Landbreaker – lets player load ammo and shoot which creates a vent that gives a buff to all players in a radius.

Sword Specials

Valiant Overdrive – when the meter is full just activate it and you will enter Overdrive. the will increase the attack speed and deal AOE damage. using it during the overdrive will make you dash.

Ardent Cyclone – when the meter if full just activate it and you will start spinning dealing damage to anything you approach. activating again will spinning will make you slash and deal damage.

War Pike Specials

Concussive Payload – the amount of filled meter is turned to ammo. it then fires missile which deals damage and interrupts Behemoths.

Savage Wellspring – the amount of filled meter is turned to ammo. then using it will buff the nearby allies with increased critical strike chance.

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