Total War Three Kingdoms – List Of Important And Best Reforms

Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms will be the new title in the total war series. the new installment has been created by Developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega and takes place in China in 190 CE.

The Han dynasty under the manipulated oppressive rules of Warlord Dong Zhou has to lead the kingdom on a verge collapse. to save the kingdom new warlord have risen to unify and protect china.

List Of Important And Best Reforms In Total War Three Kingdoms

Throughout the game progression, you will need to make various decisions which will influence the flow of your game. one such important mechanics of the game is the Reforms

The reforms can be used after every five turns but there are so many of them that it is difficult to make a choice. so below you will find a guide on a list of important reforms and how they can be useful.

Best Reforms (Work In Progress)

Regional Commissioners – if you want to go on war then this should be the reform you want to choose. as you progress through this tree you will unlock various reforms you will get various benefits and bonuses like reduction in unit price, reduction in unit upkeep price, more new units, new military buildings, and more.

Resettlement Incentives – If you want to increase the population of your settlements then it will be a good reform to choose. this will add more people to cities.

To increase the expansions rate of your population you should also try opening branch like Farm Labourer camp and Provincial Iron Tool

Currency Based Economy – if you are more focused on wealth creation then this should be the reform for you. using this reform will increase the money you earn from the settlements, earn more prestige, establish trade routes and more.

To effectively use the tree you should build allies and use the Estate Management branch to unlock new buildings and increase the trade influence which will give you higher earning.

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