Dauntless – How To Create Guild And Add Players


Dauntless will be the latest free to play action role-playing game from Publisher Epic Games and Developer Phoenix Labs along with industry veterans from Bioware, Riot Games, and other studios.

Throughout the game, you will need to forge extraordinary arsenal of weapons, armors, and other gears to make your character more powerful and use the abilities to defeat monstrous Behemoths.

How To Create Guild And Add Players In Dauntless

The game lets players build groups called Guilds where players can communicate and join hunts in the same match. so below you will find a guide, on how to build a Guild and invite players.

How To Create a Guild

To create a guild you will need to open the Social Menu by pressing O on PC. then you will need to select the third tab titled as Guilds. you will find a Create Guild in blue button.

Select it and you will get a new screen where you will find two blank space. one is “Choose A Guild Name” and “Choose A Nameplate”

The Guild name is the name for the guild and is made up of 4 to 15 Characters with only English letters and numbers. the Nameplate is the text which will appear next to the name of all the members and is made up of 2 to 7 characters and is made up of English letters and numbers.

Inviting And Adding Players

Once you created a guild you will be able to invite and add players. just bring out your friend list. then select the player you want to add and you will find the option for Send Invite.

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