Total War Three Kingdoms – How To Increase Prestige

Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms have been finally released on PC. it will be the 12th main entry in the Total War series and just like its predecessor would be a turn-based RTS game. Its new iteration has been created by Developer Creative Assembly and Publisher Sega.

Throughout the game, players will need to manage various aspect of the game which will help them increase their power and region. One of the aspects of the game is the Prestige which influences various factors in the game. so below you will find a guide on what is Prestige and how to increase it.

What Is Prestige In Total War Three Kingdoms

The Prestige refers to the amount of political power your faction leader currently has in a country. the higher the prestige the stronger will be your influence over the country.

Higher prestige also comes with various benefits and perks. for example, you will be able to increase the number of spies, number of trade agreements, number of assignment slots, expansion of powers and more.

How To Gain Prestige

There are several ways you can use to increase the Prestige. below you will learn about some of them.

Administrator Buildings – you can increase prestige by constructing more buildings present in the Reform page. this option is present in the far right section of the tree. you can change reforms after every five turns.

You will need to increase this tree and unlock the Administration buildings and slots for your Faction. once they are available to you build them and you will be able to gain prestige easily.

Conquering New Territory – you can increase your prestige by capturing new territory, settlements, lands. the more you capture new territories the more will the prestige of your faction leader.

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