Dauntless – How To Unlock Repeaters Pistols (Weapon)


Dauntless will be a new free to play action role playing game from Publisher Epic Games and Developer Phoenix Labs where players will need to slay Behemoth to save humanity.

In the game you will need to gather resources by completing missions, and slaying monsters. this way you will be able to craft new weapons, armors, and other items to make your character more powerful.

How To Unlock Repeaters Pistols In Dauntless

Through out the game progression you will be able to unlock different types of weapons like swords, war pike, hammer, axe, chain blades, and more.

One of the weapon you can use in the game is called Ostian Repeaters which is a gun and it severs and breaks Behemoth parts and also deal bonus damage to the wounded parts.

But this weapon is not available at the beginning of the game. so below you will find a guide on how to unlock it.

Unlocking Repeaters

After you finish the tutorial you will get access to all the weapon classes except the Ostian Repeater weapon. to unlock this weapon you will need to complete certain quests.

So first start completing and progressing in the game until you reach the Go Forth and Slay mission. in this mission you will need to complete several side quests and also kill some Behemoths.

Once you have completed the mission you will be sent to Janek Zai. you can find him in the starting area of Ramsgate by taking the left path. you will find him in front of his shop.

Janek Zai will give you a mission called the Ironclad Admiral. here you will find the Repeater pistol recipe along with the materials required to craft it.

After crafting them Janek Zai will ask you to complete quests like The Guns Of Ostigaard where you will be able use Repeaters.

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