Dauntless – How To Do Stagger And Wound Damage


Dauntless will be a new action role-playing free to play game. the game has been developed by Phoenix Labs and Publisher Epic Games and takes places in a world destroyed by a mysterious cataclysmic event which brought ferocious monsters.

Throughout the game, you will need to hunt down various different Behemoths. some of them are easy to fight and some of them are very hard.

How To Deal Stagger And Wound Damage In Dauntless

You will need to use various types of weapons with elemental properties to deal damage. there are also different types of damage like Stagger and wound which can be a but it can be a bit tricky to execute.

So below you will find a guide, on how to perform Stagger and wound damage on Behemoth.

Stagger Damage

The Stagger is damage which happens when you get blue color damage number on the Behemoth. this damage can be performed with any slashing weapon but the best weapon to deal stagger is with Hammer.

By dealing enough Stagger damage you will be able to stun the Behemoth for some amount of time. but performing a stagger is not easy as you need to hit a particular area of Behemoth to deal Stagger damage.

In most of the cases, you can deal stagger damage by hitting the Behemoth in Head and Leg. if you are getting a blue damage color then you are doing the staggering damage. but if it is not working then try hitting other parts of the Behemoth, this way you will be able to know which part you need to hit.

Wound Damage

The wound damage is also a type of damage which takes place when you get red color damage. this can be performed by any weapon but the best weapon to do wound damage is with War Pike.

If you deal enough wound damage it will expose a wounded part which appears as a blue glow. you can then deal cutting attacks to do more damage and it will make it easier to break the Behemoth.

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