Team Sonic Racing – List Of All Wisps And What They Do

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing will be a new arcade Kart racing video game created by Publisher Sega and Developer Sumo digitals. it features single player and multiplayer race which supports up to 12 players.

The game offers 15 playable characters, 4 players split screen, various different game modes like Time Trails, Team Adventure mode, cars parts to improve performance and more.

So below you will find a guide, on the list of all wisp items and what are their function.

List Of All Wisps And What They Do In Team Sonic Racing

Orange Rocket Wisp – It is an orange two eye wisp with a rocket shape. it allows the user to send a rocket in the forward direction.

Red Eagle Wisp – It is a red three-eyed wisp. it is like a homing missile which chases the opponent before striking.

White Boost Wisp – It is a white one-eyed wisp. it gives an instant burst of speed to gain speed and also allows you to get back on track after the car spins out and gets knocked off the track.

Yellow Orange Stripe Drill Wisp – It is a yellow and orange stripe wisp which looks like a squid. it gives the player a boost and temporary invincibility.

Pink Spike Wisp – It is a pink colored one eye wisp, it turns your car into heavy ramming machine. while using it if you ram into other cars you will spin them out.

This wisp is only available and can be used to Power Class character.

Blue Quake Wisp – It is a blue three eye Wisp, it allows players to create pillars in front to block the opponent’s path.

Black Bomb Wisp – It is a black colored wisp. it can be thrown in front or behind on your opponents to spin them out.

Purple Void Wisp – It is a purple no eye wisp. it allows players to suck in nearby items and rings. furthermore, it also slows your opponents.

This wisp is only available and can be used to Power Class character.

Ivory Lightning Wisp – It is an ivory colored two eye wisp. it allows you to strike lighting towards the opponent and causing them to spin out.

Cyan Laser Wisp – It is a cyan colored two eye wisp, it allows players to send a laser to strike opponents and make them spin out.

Magenta Rhythm Wisp – It is a magenta colored one-eyed wisp. when used make the opponents blind for a brief moment.

Orange Red Burst Wisp – it is an orange-red three eye wisp. it allows players to leave a fire trail behind them and opponents who try to cross it will spin out.

Blue Cube Wisp – it is a blue colored three eye wisp with a banana skin. it can be thrown on the floor in front or behind. any opponent driving over it will spin out.

Jade Ghost Wisp – it is a jade colored no eyes wisp. it allows players to become invincible to obstacles and attacks for a short time.

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