Team Sonic Racing – How To Unlock All Race Tracks

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing will be the new intense multiplayer racing game based on Sonic Universe. the new iteration has been created by Publisher Sega and Developer Sumo Digitals and features an arcade styled fast competitive game.

Throughout the game, you will find different zones which have different tracks made on different themes. each track will be unique with different obstacles, power up, items, and more

So below you will find a guide on how to unlock all the Race tracks in all zones easily.

How To Unlock All Race Tracks In Team Sonic Racing

To unlock all the Race tracks you will need to play the Team Adventure Mode and complete all the Nine zones. every level consists of multiple races and although you do not have to complete each of them. you will need to play through all the main races.

Doing this will let you proceed to the next zone. you need to keep doing this until you reach the final zone which is the Final Fortress and complete all the necessary level.

Once you win them you will complete the Team Adventure Mode. this will give you the full access to all the Race tracks in the game.

Below you will find the list of full track present in the game.

Planet Wisp
  • Wisp Circuit
  • Mother’s Canyon
  • Doctor’s Mine
Seaside Hill
  • Ocean View
  • Lost Palace
  • Whale Lagoon

Ice Mountain
Frozen Junkyard
Hidden Volcano

Casino Park
  • Roulette Road
  • Bingo Party
  • Pinball Highway
  • Sand Road
  • Boo’s House
  • Clockwork Pyramid
Rooftop Run
  • Market Street
  • Sky Road
  • Haunted Castle
Final Fortress
  • Thunder Deck
  • Dark Arsenal
  • Turbine Loop

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