Dauntless – How To Get Orbs For Crafting


Dauntless is now available on all major platforms like PS4, Xbox, and PC with full cross-platform support. it is a free to play action role-playing game created by Developer Phoenix Labs and Publisher Epic Games.

Players enter a world devasted by a cataclysmic event which is now filled with dangerous creatures known as Behemoths. you will need to go hunt them to keep humanity safe.

How To Get Orbs For Crafting In Dauntless

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock and craft various different weapons, armors, and items to make your character more powerful.

But to craft new items you will need to kill and harvest different types of Behemoth parts like tusks, scales, tails, and more. to complete the crafting process you also need Orbs which come in different elemental form like blaze orb, frost orb, radiant orb, terra orb, umbral orb, and shock orb.

The only problem is that getting this orbs can be difficult and tedious tasks. so below you will find a guide on how to get Orbs.

Currently, there are two known ways to earn Orbs you can learn more about them below.

Orb Patrols

his will be your primary method to earn Orbs. you can find plenty of patrol missions in the main menu. the good thing about these patrols is that the rewards are mentioned on the right-hand side of the missions.

The Patrol missions can be of different types like Neutral Patrol, Blaze Patrol, Shock Patrol, Terra Patrol, Frost Patrol, and more. the elements refer to the elemental orb you will receive for that patrol.

Each successful patrol gives 10 orbs the only problem is that you won’t know the exact power level of the Behemoth until you encounter it. so it recommended that you gear up with high-level weapons, armors, and other consumables.

Behemoth Hunt Quests

This is not the most reliable way to earn orbs as the Hunting Behemoth is meant to farm items. but there is always a chance to get them.

So if you are bored from the Patrol missions. then you can just slay Behemoth in quests and get them as rewards.

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