Team Sonic Racing – How To Increase Speed (Items And Mechanics)

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing will be a new Kart racing video game from Developer Sumo Digital and Publisher Sega. it will be an action multiplayer racing game where players will be able to use various different characters and cars.

As it is a racing game your main objective should be to win the game by being as fast you can. but there are several mechanics in the game which can be not known to players and create confusion.

So below you will find a guide, on how to get maximum speed and win the race.

How To Increase Speed (Items And Mechanics) In Team Sonic Racing


Mastering this mechanic can be very useful as it will help you maintain speed and keep collecting rings. it will also allow players to keep up with the slipstream and slingshot boost.

Collecting Rings

The most basic way of increasing your speed is by collecting rings. the more you can collect them the more will be your speed. but you should note that this rings will drop if you fall off the tracks, spin out or get attacked by other players.

But you can use this mechanic to your advantage by attacking the other players collecting their rings to boost your speed.

Stunts And Tricks

Performing stunts and tricks also give a slight boost in the game. to perform stunts just wait for your car to be airborne and then press the right stick in any direction. you can add forward and backward direction to flip your car.

If you make a successful landing then you will get a boost but if you fail to make a successful landing then you will fall and lose all the collected rings.

Slingshot boosting

This mechanic can be used to get a speed boost by following your teammate. the teammate that that is the most forward in the track creates a slipstream. if the other team members manage to follow the line, it would produce a speed boost and this mechanic is called Slingshot boosting.

Just note that this mechanic does not work if you follow the opponent’s slipstream.


This mechanic is very useful if your team is in trouble. for example, there will be times when your team member will spin out. when this happens you will need to drive near them and tag them to give a Skimboost.

This will send them forward back in the track and also give them full speed.

Team Ultimate

You can use Team Ultimate to gain invincibility, high speed, and high acceleration. you can only use it if you have a full charge for the ultimate meter. once it is full just press Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox, X on Nintendo Switch. you can learn more about Team Ultimate mechanics in the guide below.

Speed Arrows

Throughout the race tracks, you will find several boost pads. they appear as purple arrow markers, just drive over them to get the boost and increase your speed.

White One Eyed Boost Wisps

There are several consumable items in the game which you can use for your advantages. one of the items which increase the speed is the White one-eyed wisp which will help you gain speed and even bring you out of the troublesome situation.

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