Team Sonic Racing – How To Earn Credits Quickly

Team Sonic Racing

Sonic Team Racing will be the latest game in the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. it will be a new action racing game created by Developer Sega and Publisher Sumo Digitals.

The game offers 4 player split screen with various online and offline race modes like Time Trial, Team Adventure mode, Grand Prix Mode, and more. you will also find performance and skin customization to modify your car, more playable characters and more.

How To Earn Credits Quickly In Team Sonic Racing

Throughout the game progression, you will need to earn money known as Credits to get new car parts, consumable parts, new horns, and much more.

But earning them can be tedious and confusing. so below you will find a guide on how to earn Credits quickly.

How To Earn Credits Quickly

The first thing you should know is that you will earn Credits whenever you race. but the number of Credits you get will depend on various different factors.

Position – The position you obtain in the race which influences the credit you earn. the higher your position more will be the credits earned.

Difficulty – The difficulty of the race will also influence your earning. the higher the difficulty the more will be the earnings.

Getting Star Points – the amount of star points you earn in a race is also an important factor. to earn star points you will need to collect rings, perform Team action or take down enemies.

How And Where To Use Credits

Once you have some amount of credits you be able to spend them in the game shop. so just go the main menu and select the Mod Pods options. here you will be able to purchase 10 Mod Pods for 10 Credits.

These items when opened will give you random items like paint, consumable, horns, wheels, spoilers and more.

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