Team Sonic Racing – How To Charge And Use Team Ultimate

Team Sonic Racing

Sonic Team Racing will be the latest game in the Sonic The Hedgehog. it has been created by Publisher Sega and Developer Sumo Digital and will be an action multiplayer racing game.

The game brings plenty of game modes like Grand Prix Mode, Exhibition Mode, Time Trail, characters, cars, new game tracks, and other customization to modify your cars.

How To Charge And Use Team Ultimate In Team Sonic Racing

Through out the game, you will be able to use various tricks. one of them is Team ultimate which is the best move which can be used during races to defeat your opponents and win the race.

But before you use the ability you will need to need to charge it. you can find the current charge of your team ability by looking at the bar present under the car.

How To Charge Team Ultimate

The team ultimate can be charged by performing certain actions during the race. doing it will slowly give you the charge and eventually result in a full charge.

The actions which fill the charge bar is below

Skimboost – drive by your teammate when they have spun. this will give them a boost.

Yellow trail – driving and following the yellow trail.

Item transfers – sending and receiving items

How To Use Team Ultimate

Once you have enough charge to use the ultimate you will simply need to press Triangle on PS4 to use it.

Activating the ultimate will send all the member in the team in a yellow colored state for 15 seconds in which all members will be invincible, gain high speed, and also allow you to travel over any terrain.

During the ultimate mode if you hit another player you will gain some minor additional time.

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