Division 2 – Classified Assignments Nelson Theatre Backpack And Collectibles

Division 2 Nelson Theatre Classified Assignments Back Trophy

Division 2 Dark Hours is now available for all the Year Pass owners and brings plenty of new missions, challenges, enemies, items, and other rewards.

The new update has brought two new classified assignments namely The National Bond Armory Assignment and the Nelson Theatre classified assignment and with its come backpack trophy and other collectibles.

So below you will find the location of all the Backpack trophy and collectibles.

Location Of Backpack Trophy And Collectibles In Classified Assignments Nelson Theatre Mission Division 2

Collectible #1 And Backpack Trophy – can be found in the first combat area. from here go left and you will find a lowered gate with a control pad.

Now look for two yellow power lines and follow it to the two generators to restore power. the first generator is located on the second floor of the same room and the second generator is located in the hallway past the first room.

Collectible #2 – can be found in the underground area of the theatre. here you will need to reach the hallway which leads to the elevator. then go left and you will find a locked door. now just shoot the lock and you will find the collectible.

Collectible #3 – can be found in the second hallway which has the generator. here you need to look right and interact with the elevator. open the door and you will find a collectible.

Collectible #4 – can be found behind the main stage of the theatre. follow the catwalk present there and at the end of it, you will find zip line. shoot the zip line to drop the line and you will climb up to get the collectible.

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