Pokemon Rumble Rush – How To Farm Pokemon Diamonds (Currency)

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Pokemon Rumble Rush has been released in Australia and Japan. it will soon be coming to other regions On Andriod And IOS with plenty of Pokemon to capture.

Just like many Pokemon games this game too comes with in-game currencies which can be used to purchase different items to help you in progressing.

How To Farm Pokemon Diamonds (Currency) In Pokemon Rumble Rush

The coins in the game are the basic currency which is easier to find and the Poke Diamond is the main premium currency which is a bit harder to get and can be used to get high-level items.

So below you will find a guide, on how to earn plenty of Poke Diamonds.

Complete Challenges

Throughout the Pokemon Rumble Rush, you will find plenty of different challenges which when completed will give you Poke Diamonds. as you progress the difficulty of the challenges will also increase.

So just go to the challenges section and there you will find three tabs Daily, Limited Time, and Adventurer.

The Daily tab – this tab contains minor challenges which are easy to complete.

Limited Time – this tab contains challenges for a small period of time which can be easy or difficult.

Adventurer – this tab contains challenges which can be completed as you progress through the game.

Purchase Poke Diamond

If you have real money to spare then you can just buy the Poke Diamond from the in-game store. below you will find the price of the Diamonds.

1.49 AUD – 100 Diamonds

4.49 AUD – 300 Diamonds

14.99 AUD – 1000 Diamonds

38.99 AUD – 2500 Diamonds

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