Pokemon Rumble Rush – Get Gears, Upgrade Gears, Equip Gears

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Pokemon Rumble Rush brings several different items which can be used to make your Pokemon more powerful and one of these items is called Gears.

The gears can be equipped on a Pokemon and it will give different types of buffs like extra health, extra damage and more.

Get Gears, Upgrade Gears, Equip Gears In Pokemon Rumble Rush

How To Get Gears

TO get the gears item you will need to get a piece of ore. the ore can be found in every stage of the game, each stage only gives one Piece of Ore which means if you want plenty of them you need to complete multiple stages.

Once you have the ore you will need to refine it. so just click on the Ore button present in the bottom right corner of the main screen. this will take you to the ore so click on it to refine it.

Once the ore is refined you will get your gear.

How To Equip Gears

To Equip Gears on your pokemon, select the “Pokemon and Gears” option present in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

Now select the Pokemon on which you want the equip the gears. then on the next screen, you will find options on what Gears you want to equip. select them and tap the equip button to equip the desired gear.

How To Upgrade Gears

To upgrade the gears you will need to go to the Pokemon and Gears option present in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

Then go to the gears section and select the gear you want to upgrade. just note that to upgrade the gear you will need to spend some money and duplicate gear so make sure you have the required amount.

If you fulfill the requirement for upgrading the Gear. then the upgrade will be in a breeze.

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