Division 2 – How To Defeat Dizzy, Ricochet, Weasel (Second Boss Raid)

Division 2 How To Defeat Dizzy, Ricochet, Weasel

Division 2 Dark Hours has finally arrived on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. the new update brings plenty of new missions, new characters, new enemies, new rewards and more.

Throughout the game, you will find plenty of different bosses some are easy and some are hard. one of the annoying bosses in the update is the 2nd boss fight.

In this particular fight, you will need to fight three different bosses who are Ben Dizzy Carter, Carl Ricochet Dawson, and Oliver Weasel Gordon.

How To Defeat Dizzy, Ricochet, Weasel (Second Boss Raid) In Division 2

How To Defeat Ben Dizzy Carter And Carl Ricochet Dawson

Before you fight Ben Dizzy Carter And Carl Ricochet Dawson you will need to spawn them. you will need to divide your team into two-party as a group of four as you will be fighting two bosses simultaneously.

Now to spawn the enemies you will need to locate the three panels present in the plane. one is present in the front, second is present in the middle, and the third is present in the plane’s tail.

You will need to press the green panel to spawn the bosses and start the fight.

During the fight, you will notice purple gas in the plane. during the purple gas phase, a debuff will be applied to you which will prevent you from doing any damage.

So to do damage again you will need to turn the Purple gas to orange and to complete this task you will need to press the two of the green panel at the same time to keep the gas in orange color.

By doing this you will able to deal damage to Carter and Dawson.

How To Defeat Oliver Weasel Gordon

Once you have defeated either Ben Dizzy Carter or Carl Ricochet Dawson, Oliver Weasel Gordon will spawn.

During this phase, all the panels will be drawn out of reach and the purple gas and the orange gas will now appear in turns. so now you will need to wait for the purple gas to turn orange before you can damage the bosses.

Just take cover wait for the gas to turn orange and then deal as much damage as you can. repeat this process to kill remaining bosses.

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