Division 2 Dark Hours – How To Damage And Defeat Boomer Bailey

Division 2 How To Defeat Boomer Bailey

Division 2 Dark Hours Raid has finally arrived and brings plenty of new contents for the players to grind through. you will find new missions, new enemies, new areas, and much more.

One of the bosses you will find in the game is called Boomer Baily and it is a very hard boss. he is immune to normal damage, has a high regenerative skill, and has tons of health.

So below you will find a guide, on how to damage Boomer Bailey and how to defeat Boomer.

How To Damage And Defeat Boomer Bailey In Division 2 Dark Hours

Things To Know Before You Fight Boomer
  • The Red Backpack behind the back of Boomer is the object which gives him immunity.
  • The Red Box on his chest is the object which gives him massive healing.
  • No Normal Guns And Ability will damage him while he is standing.
  • The Mounted Miniguns in the room is the only thing which will do damage forcing Boomer To Kneel.
  • Normal Weapons and ability will do damage only if Boomer is downed and is kneeling.
  • If a player with aggro is near the minigun then Boomer will charge and destroy the minigun.
  • If all the miniguns are destroyed the mission will fail
Strategy To Defeat Boomer Bailey

To Defeat the Boomer you will need to have good teamwork. During your encounter with the Boomer, he will target one of the players. it is indicated by an Eye under the player’s health bar on the group panel.

The Boomer will aggro him so the targeted player needs to kite him and bring the Boomer before the minigun. other players will need to use the minigun and hit the backpack.

Once you do enough damage the Boomer will kneel. during this time he will be vulnerable to all weapons, grenades, ability damage.

Just be aware when he recovers he will through a grenade at the minigun to disable it, due to which the players now need to go to another minigun.

Now as the Boomer has taken some damage you need to make sure that he does not heal and recover all that. so when you notice the chest box turn green. then it’s your cue to hit it and prevent it from healing or else he will be back to full health.

Another important thing you need to keep track of is the warning of the Defense System coming online. to deal with this defense the four players who do not have aggro on them need to interact with the laptop present when the defense system is coming online audio warning comes.

If the Defense system comes online even the normal enemies will gain immunity. so now you need to destroy all the security nodes with the minigun. doing this place a cooldown on the defense system.

This is all the mechanics you need to defeat Boomer. just not that there is no timer but if the Boomer destroys all minigun the mission will fail.

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