Rage 2 – How To Destroy High Level Authority Sentry Easily

Rage 2 High Level Authority Sentry

Rage 2 will be the latest installment in the Rage series. it will be a new game from Publisher Bethesda Softworks and Developer id Software Avalanche Studios and will be an open-world shooter game.

The new iteration takes place in a vast wasteland created due to the aftermath of the earth getting annihilated by an Asteroid. you as a ranger will need to fight the mayhem, mutants, and other dangerous machines.

What Is High-Level Authority Sentry?

High-Level Authority Sentries are a type of sentries which can be found all across the map and are more dangerous than low-level authority sentry. you will need to eliminate these sentries as they deal heavy damage and limits your movements.

Furthermore destroying these machines also gives you experience for Loosum Hagar character who is an Engineer with access to several unique perks of Projects.

How To Destroy High-Level Authority Sentry

The Authority Sentry only gets activated when the get near its range. then it starts firing missiles and other projectiles.

You can hide behind houses and large containers to protect yourself from different projectiles. but even hiding behind them won’t protect you from ground shockwave which does significant damage.

So to defeat the High-Level Authority Sentry you will need to find an opening from which you can clearly see the Sentry even from a far range.

Now you need to get near the sentry and determine when the Authority Sentry gets activated. once you find the farthest point from which the sentry activates, its time to use it to your advantage.

Just enter the range at which the High-Level Authority Sentry activates then attack with any weapon you want and retreat to a cover. repeat this step and you will soon destroy the Sentry.

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