Rage 2 – Location Of BFG 9000 And How To Get It

Rage 2

Rage 2 has been finally released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. it will the sequel to 2011 game Rage and will be a first-person shooter where players find themselves in a dangerous world filled with different enemies.

You as a player will take control of a ranger named Walker as customize its skill, appearance, and other options. you will be able to use different types of weapons, vehicles, and other items for combats.

Location Of BFG 9000 And How To Get It In Rage 2

The BFG 9000 Doom Gun is a unique gun which is only available to people who have purchased either get the Collector’s Edition Of The Game or the Deluxe Edition Of The Game.

Once you have obtained the Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition you will need to launch the game and then go to the store option present in the main menu.

Here you will need to link the game to your Bethesda account. after that complete the prologue missions and leave the vineland town.

While leaving the town you will notice a meteor falling from the sky and smashing itself into the hill. now go to the location where the meteor falls and pick up your BFG 9000 Doom Gun.

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