Rage 2 – List Of All Cheat Codes And How To Unlock More Cheat Codes

Rage 2

Rage 2 will be the latest game in the Rage series and has been created by Developer id Software, Avalanche Studios, and Publisher Bethesda Softworks.

The new iteration takes place on destroyed earth which is now filled with bloodthirsty gangs who want to have a tyrannical authority. it brings plenty of guns, monster trucks, gyrocopters, skills, ruthless enemies, and more.

List Of All Cheat Codes And How To Unlock More Cheat Codes In Rage 2

The game offers its own set of cheat codes to modify your gameplay. but unlike normal cheat codes. you can’t just type them instead you will have to unlock them through a special vendor.

Special Vendor – Wasteland Wizard

To Unlock Cheat Codes you will need to find the special vendor called the Wasteland Wizard. this vendor is going to sell cheats in exchange for in-game currency.

The problem is that the Wasteland Wizard does not have a fixed location but according to the devs, he will mostly appear roaming in the streets.

Also, the cheats being offered by the Wasteland Wizard is going to appear on a random basis. so below you will find a list of some cheat codes you can use.

List Of Cheat Codes (W.I.P)

Son of Thor – The player gains electric power which kills anyone that gets too close.

Phoenix Rejector Seat – When you eject from the vehicle it will be launched into the air and you will be dropped on the ground.

Super Wingstick – wingstick gets homing abilities.

Git Gud – Enemies die after one hit.

Red Barrel Rain – Drops a cluster of red barrels in front of you.

Progress Booster – gives Double all feltrite collected for 4 hours.

Super Overdrive – Increases the power of your overdrive.

Super Phoenix – gives infinite ammo, boosts, no damage, no overheating.

He’s On Fire – gives voiceover by Tim Kitzrow.

Diamond Geezer – gives voiceover by Danny Dyer.

Klegg Support – Klegg Clayton is spawned as a companion.

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