Swag And Sorcery – How To Farm Gold Quickly And Safely

Swag And Sorcery

Swag And Sorcery have been finally released by Developer Lazy Bear Games, Uroboros Games, and Publisher tinyBuild and will be an indie simulation strategy game.

Players will themselves in a ruthless adventure story with RPD elements which means you will need to gather resources, manage villages, create and equip heroes, upgrade and do more.

How To Farm Gold Quickly And Safely In Swag And Sorcery

One of the key elements in the game is to farm Gold to get new items. so below you will find a guide on how to farm gold quickly and easily.

Increase Durability And Survivability

Before you jump into farming Gold you will need to make sure that you have a good amount of survivability and durability to survive different levels and also farm gold.

So to make yourself more durable you will need to get the Parasitoid Wasp Stinger and Dark Skin. you can find them in the different missions like Magical Forest, Battlefield, Dark Ruins and then use it for the Armor.

This will increase your regenerative ability massively. but it does make you vulnerable to being two or one shotted by your enemy.

To prevent this situation you should get stamina or life amulets like Scarab invasion. this will increase your defensive mechanics.

Items To Make For Gold Farming

Below you will find a list of items which will increase the maximum per hit gold.

Wolf Hat – to craft it you will need 3 Leather Of Disguises and 3 Solid Root at the Hunting Lodge.

  • Leather Of Disguises – can be crafted with Morph Leather found in Hot Springs and Underground City and the Black Bile from map Hot Springs
  • Solid Root – can be found in Hot Springs.

Massive Shotgun – to craft it you will need 12 Maple Plank, 12 Titanium Ingot, and 8 Gall Shell. then you can craft it at Hunting Lodge

  • Maple Plank – can be crafted with Maple loges found in Swamp and Hot Springs.
  • Titanium Ignot – can be crafted with Titanium found in Hot Spring and Underground city.
  • Gall Shell – can be crafted at Laboratory with shell and stomach jelly found in Swamp.

Space Armor – to craft it you will need 1 Morph Leather and 10 Stomach Jelly. then you can craft it at Hunting Lodge.

  • Morph Leather – can be crafted with Morph Skin from Hot Springs and Underground City.
  • Stomach Jelly – can be found in Swamp map.

With all the items you will be able to increase your Gold Farm per run easily.

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