Blood Fresh Supply – List Of All Cheat Codes And Commands

Blood Fresh Supply

Blood Fresh Supply is now available on PC via Steam. it has been created by Developer Nightdive Studios, Monolith Productions, and Publisher Nightdive Studios, Atari.

You would face an army of sycophantic cultists, zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds, and other various different kinds of enemies through 42 loathsome levels.

List Of All Cheat Codes And Commands In Blood Fresh Supply

The game comes with its own set of cheat codes which can be used to modify gameplay like getting armors, weapons, ammo, god mode and more.

So below you will find a guide on list of all the cheat codes and how to use it.

To use the cheat code you will need to press T. this will bring a box. here you will need to type the cheat code and press enter. this will activate the cheat.

List Of All Cheat Codes

Health And Armor Codes

griswold – gives 200% Armor.

spork – gives 200% Health.

krueger – gives 200% Health and Fire

cousteau – gives 200% Health and Diving Suit

Items And Key Codes

montana – gives All items

keymaster – gives All Keys


idaho – gives all weapons

lara croft – gives all weapons and infinite ammo

hongkong – gives all weapons and full ammo

Character Codes

spielberg – disable all cheats

capinmyass – disable god mode

nocapinmyass – enable god mode

iwannabelikekevin – gives god mode.

mcgee – it burns your character

eva galli – gives clipping

rate – display frame rate

edmark – it displays the message “Ahh Those Were The Days”

tequila – gives double weapons.

bunz – gives double weapons and full ammo

jojo – gives drunk mode

fork broussard – gives drunk mode and no weapons

satchel – fills the inventory

funkyshoes – jump higher

sterno – temporary blindness

onering – gives invisibility

voorhees – temporary invulnerability

goonies – show full map

calgon – skip current level