Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3 – Location Of All Souvenir Collectibles

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3 has been finally released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and has been created by Developer Dontnod Entertainment and Publisher Square Enix,

The new episode continues Sean and Daniel Diaz’s journey to Mexico. as they reach the redwood forests of California they will meet a community of drifters where they will find new friends and challenges.

Location Of All Souvenir Collectibles In Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3

Throughout the game, you will find plenty of different achievements and trophies for doing different tasks and just like previous episodes you will also be able to collect different souvenirs.

There are a total of six different souvenirs. so in this guide, you will find how to get all six of them and unlock the Lost Boys Chronicles achievement.

Location Of All Souvenir Collectibles

Souvenir #1 – At the beginning of the game you will find yourself in a camp. near the log where you complete the optional sketch, you will find a dog. go near the dog and Pet him. this will make the dog move to a new location.

You need to Pet the dog a total of three times. after the third try, the dog will dig up an animal skull. it is a collectible.

Souvenir #2 – A little further into the game you will sit on a table with characters cutting plants. this is a mini-game where you will need to cut eight plants with scissors quickly. if you do this quickly you find a pen among the plant.

Souvenir #3 – Follow Finn when he rests at the base of the large tree. speak to him and after the conversation, he will toss the stick. collect it to get the souvenir.

Souvenir #4 – Complete all the camp tasks, this will allow you to visit Daniel at the Lake. hereafter skipping stones you will be free to move. so turn right and look behind a fallen tree trunk. there you will find a fossil.

Souvenir #5 – At Late Night return to the camp and go to the tent where you will find Ingrid here you will get a tattoo in the scene. then talk to Ingrid again and she will tell you to take anything from her tent. so go in front of the tent and get the souvenir.

Souvenir #6 – At the area where you go break in through the gate. you will find a collectible if you are with Daniel go to the yellow locker located behind the pickup truck. he will open the locker and a souvenir will be available.

If you are with Cassidy you will need to get a tool from the nearby workbench to break the locker.

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