Fortnite – Location Of John Wick’s House And Secret Chests (Easter Egg)

Fortnite Season 9 John Wick House

Fortnite Season 9 has arrived with new items, new challenges, and a battle pass which brings plenty of exclusive rewards. the latest season will have a new map with various changes, weapon mechanics changes, and more exciting stuff.

Throughout season 9 you will find plenty of different challenges, easter egg, collectibles, and rewards. One of the easter egg which contains secret hidden chests is the John Wick house. so below you will find a guide on the location of John Wick House and how to reach the secret chests.

Location Of John Wick’s House And Secret Chests (Easter Egg) In Fortnite Season 9

To find the John Wick’s House Secret you will need to go east from Paradise Palms. near the edge on the Quadrant J8, you will find the John Wick house.

Once you reach the house you will find plenty of loots. just like you find in other parts of the world. but the house also has three secret hidden chests.

To get to the secret chests enter the house from the ground floor. you will soon arrive in front of the stairs going up. besides the set of staircase, you will find a corridor going left.

Take the left path and open the last door present on the left. this will take you to the basement which has two bookshelves.

Now just hit the ground present in front of the bookshelves and you will find the three secret chests.

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