Warframe – How To Spawn And Use Stalker Beacon


Warframe recently completed its sixth anniversary and has been pumping out plenty of new contents for the players to grind. throughout the progression, you will be able to unlock various different weapons and gears by progressing and killing various different enemies.

One such enemy is the Stalker which normally spawns randomly in the game which when killed will drop very important items and weapons. but there is a way you can utilize to spawn the stalker, you can learn more about it below.

Things To Know Before You Use Stalker Beacon

Before you call the Stalker you need to be ready as once he appears it will be a very tricky fight. if he kills you then he will leave which would mean that you will lose the whole item.

Another thing to note is that depending on your progression in the Warframe story. it will have different difficulty, abilities, and drops.

Buying Stalker Beacons

The Stalker Beacons are items which can be used for guaranteed spawns and it does not depend on your game progression. you can buy the Stalker Beacon from Baro Ki’Teer for 125000 credits and 200 Ducats.

How To Use Stalker Beacon

To use this item go to the Gear and place the item in the Gear Wheel. now just start any mission, pick the Stalker Beacon and it will call in the Stalker.

Just note that this item cannot be used in Free roam, Archwing missions, Assassination missions, and Syndicate Alert missions. it can be used only in story missions.

Also, you can only use it once per mission and if you are playing in the squad and one of them has used it then too it will count as one usage per mission.

Drops From Stalker

The Stalker drops some very unique weapons like the blueprints for Hate Melee, Dread Bow, Despair, and more.

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