Warframe – How To Finish Eximus Executioner Challenge Quickly/Fast


Warframe devs have been releasing plenty of new missions, gears, weapons, and challenges for Tennos to grind through.

For this week the Nightwave challenge you will need to kill 100 Eximus enemies for Eximus Executioner Challenge. killing Eximus is not really hard and you can find a good number of them while progressing through different missions.

But to do this challenge fast you will need to dive into missions which spawn plenty of Eximus for you to kill them. so below you will find how a list of missions you can play to complete this challenge.

How To Finish Eximus Executioner Challenge Quickly/Fast In Warframe

Sanctuary Onslaught – to complete the Eximus challenge this should be your go-to mission. here you will find plenty of Eximus to kill. but to get this mode you will need to complete the New Strange Quest which can be found in your Codex. just note the higher the difficulty level of Sanctuary Onslaught the more will be Eximus spawn rate.

Arbitration Alerts – This mode spawns a lot of Eximus and as there is no limit to this mode you can farm the Eximus by killing and surviving as long as you can.

To use the Arbitration Alerts you will need to finish every node on the Star Chart once. then you can visit the Arbiters of Hexis.

Sorite – the sortie mode can be modified with the Eximus Stronghold which spawns a high number of Eximus. to gain access to sortie you will need to finish the War Within Quest.

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