UBOAT – List Of All Console Commands And Cheats


UBOAT has been finally released by Developer Deep Water Studio and Publisher PlayWay S.A on PC via Steam. it is a world war 2 simulation strategy game where players need to manage a submarine crew through different missions.

Through the game, you will need to manage different mechanics and to make things more fun you can use the console commands. so below you will find a list of all commands.

Activating Console Commands

To use the console commands first enter the game and press the default console key “~”. this should bring out the console if the console doesn’t appear then it means that you probably have not enabled it. so now you need to do it manually.

To activate the console command go to the steam library and right click on UBOAT and then click on the properties.

This will bring a new window where you just need to go to the general tab and click on the “Set Launch Options” and type “-console” press ok and finally launch the game. now in the game press “~” to bring the console.

List Of Console Commands

Bomb – can be used to drop the bomb on any selected target.

Budget (Value) – this command adds the value money.

Detect (Value) – this command creates a random group near your position.

Leak – this command creates random leak on your ship.

Reputation (Value) – this command increases reputation which will let you buy upgrade.

Skip (time value) – this will let you skip in game time without consuming your ship consuming any resouces.

Spawn Warships – spawn warship

Spawn Convoy – spawn convoy

Spawn Transport – spawn transport

Spawn Submarine – spawn submarine

Teleport (Value 1 Value 2) – this command teleports your ship from one co-ordinate to another co-ordinate.

Weather Calm – Create Calm weather.

Weather Fog – Create Fog weather.

Weather Fog – Create Cloudy weather.

Weather Storm – Create Calm weather.

XP Number – Add experience to your crew

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