Uboat – All Controls For PC (Keyboard And Mouse Controls)


Uboat has finally arrived on PC via Steam. it will be a new game from Developer Deep Water Studio and Publisher PlayWay S.A where players will be in manage and run a WW2 era submarine.

You will need to make sure that all the men in the ship are doing their respective work. each crew member has their own personality. so you will need to manage the morale, discipline, and trauma to complete the mission and keep everyone alive.

All Controls For PC (Keyboard And Mouse Controls) In Uboat

Throughout the game, you will need to micromanage various aspect of the game. to do that you will need to know the basic controls with the Keyboard and Mouse.

So below you will find all the control map for Mouse and Keyboard.

Mouse Controls

Right-Click on Cogs – reveals a dial with different options.

Right-Click on Map = set waypoints. you can hold shift to set multiple waypoints.

Middle Mouse = time compress x2/normal

Keyboard Controls

M = Open Map

U = Turns UI on/off

F = Flashlight

B = brings handheld binoculars

N = Free Camera

Tab = displays a list of offices on the screen

Shift = Run

Ctrl = lets user adds order to the end of the order queue

Alt = Displays UI in the first person mode

Space = Pause game

] = Swap postprocessing

+ = Increases engine gear

– = Decreases engine gear

Page Up, Page Down or R, F = move the free camera up and down

F1 = Change the view to the first person mode

F2 = Change the view to section view

F3 = Change the view to Orbit view

1, 2, 3 + = for selecting characters

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