Mordhau – What Is Chamber And How To Perform Chamber


Mordhau will be the latest indie medieval fighting game created by Publisher and Developer Triternion. players will be able to create their own character and fight against online players.

The game gives players full control over their character which can be used to develop their own fighting style and also use their own weapons.

What Is Chamber

Chamber is a combat mechanic in which the player tries to match the movement of the sword strike just before it lands and then blocking it which stuns the opponent.

This creates an opportunity to counter-attack against the opponent and increases your chance of winning against them.

How To Perform Chamber In Mordhau

To Chamber, you will need to be good in reading opponents movement to match the angle and timing of the attack.

If you are able to do it you will be able to execute the next step to complete the chamber.

Now just before the opponent’s attack land, you will need to block it. remember you need to time it at the right moment if you do it soon you will be stunned and if you do it late you get hit by the opponent.

So the summary is that you need to match the timing and the angle of the attack and just before the attack lands block it.

If you execute this move correctly you will stun the opponent during which you can deal a good amount of damage.

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