Mordhau – List Of All Console Commands And Cheats


Mordhau will be the latest game from Developer and Publisher Triternion and it will be an indie first-person medieval hack and slash game where players need to realistic combat mechanics in fast-paced combats.

Just like many different multiplayer games Mordhau too comes with its own set of console commands which can be used to manipulate different aspects of the game.

List Of All Console Commands And Cheats In Mordhau

To open the console command you will need to press the (`), (~) or (End) and type the command in the text box to activate the command but to make it work you will need to enter the game as an Administrator.

adminlogin (password) – you will need to get the admin privileges and enter it so that you can use the commands in the console.

adminlist – gives the list of all current admins for the server.

adminadd (user name/steamid) – it adds a new admin to the admin list.

remove admin (user name/steamid) – it removes the mentioned admin.

ban (user name/steamid) – can be used to ban the players.

unban (user name/steamid) – can be used to unban the players.

banlist – gives a list of banned players.

kick (user name/steamid) – can be used for kicking the players.

addbots (value) – used to add the desired number of bots.

removebots (value) – used to kills the desired number of bots.

PlayersOnly – can be used to freeze all bots but allows players to move freely. only in single player mode.

changelevel (map name) – is used to change the map.

restartlevel – is used to restarts the current map.

exit – used to exit the game.

disconnect – disconnects you from the server.

demorec name – it records a demo.

demostop – stops a demo.

demoplay – plays a demo.

Stat FPS – it is used to shows the FPS counter

slomo (value) – can be used to increase the and decrease speed.

ChangeSize x – it can be used to change the height of the character. only in single player mode.

m.showcross 0 – it disables crosshair.

m.inverseattackdirection 1 – can be used to inverts attack direction.

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