Mordhau – How To Throw Weapons And How Throwing Mechanic Work


Mordhau will be a new indie fighting game which places the player in the medieval age and brings almost realistic balance between fight and realism.

The game allows both free form melee and ranged combat and also allows players to use weapons like swords, bow, and more which can be utilized in many different ways. so in this guide, you will find how the weapon throwing mechanic works and how to throw them.

How Throwing Mechanic Works – Relation Of Weapon Grips And Throwing

Throughout the game, you will find plenty of different weapons with different traits. one trait which is an important mechanic of the game is the Weapon Grips.

This mechanic lets players change the way the character hold them allowing you utilize different battle mechanics.

But the weapons with grips cannot be thrown as most of the times the grip is present on two-handed weapons like swords and more. so the weapons which can be thrown are small ones or the single handed ones.

How To Throw Weapons

To throw the weapon in the game you will need to look in the direction where you want to throw and then simply press R.

This will cause the weapon to fly in the direction you were looking. if you want to throw again you can pick it up again or just pick up another weapon.

But sometimes you will find that your character is not throwing the weapon even while pressing R. if this is happening to you then most likely you are using a weapon which changes grip when R is pressed. these particular weapons cannot be thrown.

So if you want to throw a weapon select the weapons which do not have a grip. the weapons which do not have grip are mostly single handed small weapons.

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