Imperator Rome – How To Manage And Deal With Scorned Families

Imperator Rome

Imperator Rome has finally arrived on PC via steam and will be a new strategy simulation game from Publisher and Developer Paradox Studio and Interactive.

Throughout the game progression, you will need to manage various mechanics like military, economy, diplomacy, government, population and more. one such aspect of the game is the scorned families which if not taken care of can affect your gameplay.

How To Manage And Deal With Scorned Families In Imperator Rome

The Scorned families are some special type of families which are not liked in your empire. these families always defy your reign and give a negative value to the loyalty score which raises unrest.

If you look at the tooltips for Scorned families you will find that they need some income but what they really want is respect and money.

High Position/ Government Jobs – The best way to do it is give one member of each scorned family a high position like generals and admirals but sometimes they are not a good fit for this position.

So the best way would be to split your navy and make them admirals this way they would be happy and won’t be affecting much of your military power.

Stipends – Another way to deal with the scorned families is to give them stipends. this will also keep them at bay and not affect your loyalty value.

Just note that you do not need to keep every scorned family happy as you won’t find enough government positions for all of them.

So it is best to give only certain numbers of scorned members high position so that your loyalty value does not go out of control.

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