Days Gone – How To The Get Secret Ending

Days Gone

Days Gone will be a new survival horror game where players play as Deacon in a world which is overrun by zombies known as freakers and need to survive the interactive storyline.

Just like many different story games Days Gone also comes with many its own secret ending which is going to blow your mind.

Getting this particular ending is very easy but it can be easily missed. so below you will find a guide on how to get the Secret Ending.

How To Get Secret Endings In Days Gone

To get this ending you will need to progress through the game and complete the big final battle. after that wait for the whole credits to roll out.

Once the credits is finished you will be back into the open world. here you will need to start doing any missions and objectives present in the game.

You need to keep grinding them until the NERO scientist O’Brian contacts you. after his call you will get the ‘There’s Nothing You Can Do’ mission.

This particular mission will begin at the old pioneer cemetery. so go there and talk to O’Brian.

This will reveal a massive twist to the story which you need to see for yourself.

After this twist, you will get the crafting recipe for a new secret weapon which will use the IPCA tech collected during your run in the tech game. furthermore, you will get a new custom NERO skin for your bike.

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